Art and Leota Glasgow Memorial Music Activity-Talent Scholarship

The Art and Leota Glasgow Memorial Music Activity-Talent Scholarship requires students to participate in one or more musical ensembles during the academic year. The Music Scholarship Acceptance Form outlines the ensembles in which students are required to enroll to remain eligible for the scholarship(s), and will be emailed at a later date. Students must register for the courses listed, print, sign, and return the form to the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office (via mail or attached to an email) in order to accept the scholarship. In addition to returning the signed Music Scholarship Acceptance Form and participating in the required ensembles, students must also submit a thank you letter addressed to the donors of the above mentioned scholarship. Students attendance may also be required at a donor luncheon in November; more details regarding the luncheon will follow. PLEASE NOTE THIS SCHOLARSHIP HAS SPECIFIC ACADEMIC AND/OR ENROLLMENT REQUIREMENTS THAT SUPERCEDE NWC’S ACTIVITY-TALENT SCHOLARSHIP REQUIREMENTS: available to graduating high school seniors who exhibit a history of strong involvement in music activities (as articulated in the essay section of the online scholarship application), enroll full time each semester, and have and maintain a minimum 3.00 GPA. Eligibility is dependent upon participation as determined by the Activity Coordinator, and may be canceled at the discretion of the Activity Coordinator, at any time, and must be repaid for non-participation.

Budget: $1,500